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Mr. Charles from Africa
Lobular Breast Cancer Surgery

Hello, I am Mr. Charles from Africa. Recently my wife had her Lobular Breast Cancer Surgery in Mumbai arranged and managed by the medical consultant- Forerunners Healthcare Group. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, since couldn't get any solution back at my place, I searched for an option abroad. My search led to a medical consultant Forerunners Healthcare Group, which offered me affordable package for my wife's Lobular Breast Cancer Surgery in Mumbai, which I accepted without any hesitation. On reaching India, I saw systematic arrangements done by them, right from getting a reputed hospital to best cancer surgeon; everything was seen in a proper place carved with utmost care and professionalism. The hospital was modern and with state of art facilities having world-class medical team who managed my wife's Lobular Breast Cancer Surgery in Mumbai. My wife is out of danger after her surgery and recovering very fast; I therefore thank everyone for the incredible support, care and commitment.

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