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Kenyan citizen in Goa, India combines her Medical Treatment with tourism

Kenyan citizen medical treatment,Kenyan citizen,medical treatment,medical treatment India Hi. I am Shirley. I am a Kenyan citizen. Recently I was in Goa, India for my medical treatment. I had always dreamt of visiting India and I am thankful to the Forerunners Healthcare Group for making my dream come true. They not only assisted me in getting my medical treatment but also arranged an attractive tourism package for me at the wonderful beaches of Goa in India. I am really overwhelmed by the kind of response I got from them. Being a Kenyan citizen, my first option was my own country.

But because of the unavailability of the modern medical facilities, I had to consider other options. One of my friends had told me about medical tourism in India. He also told me about a lot of Kenyan citizens who are visiting Goa, India either for some medical treatment or for a vacation. I also decided to combine my medical treatment with tourism and immediately called up Forerunners Healthcare Group. They were very assisting from day one. They noted down my requirements. The arrangements made for me were strictly in accordance to my needs. I would certainly encourage more Kenyan citizens to visit Goa, India for medical tourism.

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