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Mrs. Okoro from Nigeria
Medical Check up in India
Mr. Harrier canada
Micro endoscopic spine surgery in india
Ms. Dike Nigeria
Eye Vitrectomy in India
Mr. King Amadi
Acute Pyelonephritis treatment in India
Mrs. Silverline Nigeria
Bariatric surgery in India
Mrs Anita
Cosmetic Surgery India
Elaine from UK
Gastric Bypass Surgery
Rick Australia
Cosmetic Surgery
Shelly Klassy Claifornia USA
Gastric bypass surgery in India
Chewe Mwila
Kidney Stone Surgery in India
Mr. Ben Okoro Nigeria
Prostate and Bladder Cancer in India
Mr. Artur Ireland
Microendoscopic Laser Spine Surgery
Mrs. Zang from Nigeria
Brain Cancer Surgery in India
Mr. Fourie from South Africa
Weight loss Surgery in India
Mr. Joseph, UK
Hip Resurfacing Surgery
Mr. Philemon
Cancer Treatment and Surgery in India
Mr. Hussain, Maldives
ASD Heart Surgery
Mrs. Isa From Nigeria
Radical Hysterectomy
Mr. Saka from Nigeria
Diabetes Surgery in India
Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery
Ms. Jelly from Tanzania
Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in India
Mr. Ibrahim Abba
Cameroon Prostate Cancer Surgery in India
Mary Starr, USA
Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery
Ms. Kirsty from UK
Obesity Surgery in India
Mr. Charles from Africa
Lobular Breast Cancer Surgery
Mrs. Silverline, Nigeria
Gastric Surgery for her husband
Mr. King Amadi, Nigeria
Kidney Infection Treatment India
Mr. Peter Nnaji
Prostate Cancer Surgery
Dr Felix
Prostate Cancer Surgery in India
Mr. Sulaiman, Kwara Nigeria
Prostate Cancer Treatment in India
Mr. Philemon Kenya
Pancreatic Cancer Surgery in India
Mrs Ogbuji
Experiences of Full Comprehensive Health Check Up India
Mrs Bakare
Ovarian Cyst Surgery India
Jessica, USA
Full Body Liposuction
Ms. Mandy - Canada
Cosmetic Surgery in India
Mrs. Jobe Ayegba - Nigeria
Health Checkup in India
Mrs. Jobe Ayegba - Nigeria
Health Checkup in India

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