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Hepatocellular carcinoma surgery in India at Mumbai

Hello, its Phumelela from South Africa telling about testimonial of my Hepatocellular carcinoma surgery in India at Mumbai coordinated by forerunners health care consultants. I am 55 years old. Initially I suffered from jaundice and then having abdominal pain particularly in the right-upper quadrant, easy bruising. Firstly I was anxious that what is happening with me? Then I consulted local doctor of South Africa, he suggested me to go to India for treatment. He himself told me about forerunners health care in India as he heard about this healthcare company from his colleague during international seminar for doctors. He had given me details about the company. I contacted to the director of the company Dr.Bojwani. He is very kind person. The first conversation with him dissolved many of my doubts. After then I send all my case details to him. I was diagnosed Hepatocellular carcinoma surgery. I was really shocked as I never think of suffering such disease. But Dr.Bojwani consulted me and assured me that it can be cured.

On the third day I was in India, they were really very punctual. The Hepatocellular carcinoma surgery hospital in India at Mumbai where I was admitted was really fabulous. The surgeon, who was going to operate me converse with me and tell me every this and how about Hepatocellular carcinoma surgery. He was very kind and caring and after conversing with him I was very much relaxed. After my Hepatocellular carcinoma surgery in India at Mumbai I was feeling very well.

Coming for Hepatocellular carcinoma surgery in India at Mumbai was a big threat to me. But thanks to forerunners health care consultants for providing me assistance and proper guidance on time. They were always with me when I was in India. Just because of them I am live today. If there will be any possibility of having any surgery done then definitely I will refer India and forerunners health care consultants for my surgery.

Thank you forerunners consultants and specially Dr. Bojwani and my surgeon for providing me new life. Have delighted future forerunners!

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