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France Citizen’s Cervical Cancer Surgery in India

Hi, this is Alexis from France. I am writing this note to all you people because if you are in a search of getting best medical treatment at a reasonable price then I would like to recommend Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. I have got done my cervical cancer surgery in India. France is a very rich country and I know the medical facilities and technologies being provided there is incredible but the healthcare costs are touching the sky there. So I was exploring some better options. After sometime when I was talking to my colleague during lunch I came to know that he had done his cancer surgery in India at a very less cost and yes, no compromise with the medical healthcare standards. So he suggested me Forerunners Healthcare Consultants for cervical cancer surgery in India. He told me that this company has handled many successful cancer cases. He showed me the website, patient’s photos and more. All this was very convincing. I had conversation with Dr. Bojwani, he impressed me with his skill as a medical professional , and I was delighted by his clear and patient explanations of the available alternatives that arose during the course of the treatment. And, most importantly, I was very impressed by his commitment to my complete satisfaction. He told me that my surgery will take place in Delhi and the surgeons who are going to handle your case are extremely qualified and experienced. I am very happy with the final results. I highly recommend Forerunners Healthcare for cervical cancer surgery in India. Thank you Dr. Bojwani for arranging my medical tour. You have done a good job. I am very pleased with results of cervical cancer surgery in India!

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