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Mrs Ogbuji
Experiences of Full Comprehensive Health Check Up India

Please see the video of Mrs Ogbuji one of the recently operated patient who recently underwent Health Checkup in India with Forerunners Health Care.

Each year as many as 100,000 foreign patients seek medical care and surgery options in India. This is largely because there has been a phenomenal growth and development in medical care. Efficient infrastructure and easy availability of latest treatment options have made India a favorable destination for medical tourism. There are many hospitals in every city of India boasting of cutting edge medical infrastructure, latest technology and treatment options. These hospitals are easily accessible and the treatment cost is low compared to the treatment cost in western countries. In fact treatment in western countries tends to cost around 10 times more compared to the treatment expenses in India.

The consultation and treatment process in foreign countries is time consuming. Patients in western countries are often not able to get immediate appointments and have to bear with long waiting lists. In case of medical conditions requiring quick attention and prompt resolution, such waiting periods can be extremely inconvenient. Western countries also tend to have complicated insurance as well as medical systems. In many cases the insurance may not provide coverage for specific treatment. Undergoing such procedures in western countries without insurance coverage can prove to be extremely expensive. Getting the same treatment in India is possible at a fraction of the cost charged in western countries.

Patients can take benefit of package deals which include flight, transport, residence, consultation and treatment. Forerunners Healthcare is one of the pioneers in medical tourism offering patients with latest treatment options and expert medical care. With our experienced agents handling the visit details patients can relax as every aspect related to their medical visit is carefully arranged. Patients can be assured of best treatment and personalized care.

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