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Experience Pineal Gland Tumour Surgery India

I am Mr. Zablai from Zambia. I came for my Pineal Gland Tumour Surgery India through Dr. Forerunners Healthcare consultants. I am very thankful to the doctors and the staff who operated on me and has provided the best of services. I also want to thank the medical tourism companies for their guidance and care through the process of my Pineal Gland Tumour Surgery. Before my Pineal Gland Tumour Surgery India I was facing many problems but all the problems which I was facing due to that disorder are cured because of the skilled hands of the doctors.

I was experiencing so many problems like headaches especially in the morning, frequent vomiting and I also was not able to concentrate properly and felt drowsy in most time of the day. Then I went to a doctor for a check up and asked about the problem and I was shocked when, he told me that I was suffering from a brain tumor known as Pineal Gland Tumour. The doctor also told me that I will have to undergo a surgery to cure it. But I will have to look for good surgeons in another country because our country lacks good medical infrastructure. So I started to look for it on the internet but didn’t get any good results because the surgery was very costly with the most of them and I wanted to get my surgery done economically. After a few days as I was not going to the office a good friend came for a visit and asked me about the problem so I told him about it. Then he told me about the medical tourism company in India named Forerunners Healthcare consultants as his brother had undergone a Goitre Surgery through them in India at a very Experience cost and was very happy with the results. So I also enquired about it through their email id and got all the information related to my surgery. I was pleased to know that this medical tourism company provides the best of medical services and in the most Experience cost. Then I came to undergo my Pineal Gland Tumour Surgery India and today I am so happy with the results which I got from my surgery. After my surgery I am not experiencing any pain or drowsiness or any kind vomiting sensation. I want to thank the doctor for operating on me with his skilled hands and giving me the good times of my life back.

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