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Experience Nigerian Patient Liver Cyst Surgery Hyderabad India

I am Mrs. Adeola from Nigeria. I came for my Liver Cyst Surgery in Hyderabad India through Forerunners Healthcare consultants. The doctor who operated on me is a real genius because now I do not have any problem now. Before my Liver Cyst Surgery in Hyderabad India I had to experience many problems like abdominal pain, weakness and sometimes I was not able to sleep at night due to the back pain. So I went to a local doctor for a check up and I was shocked to hear that I was suffering from Liver cyst and to cure it I will have to undergo a surgery.

So I was searching for a good medical service provider in my own country but I was unable to get good doctors in my country. Then I searched for good doctors in other countries like UK, USA and some other good countries but the fees of the doctors in these countries was very high and I was not able to afford it. Then I searched for a better option in India as I have heard that the medical service providers in India provide the best possible medical services and in the most affordable cost. During my research I came across Forerunners Healthcare consultants and stopped as they were providing the best of medical services in the most affordable cost. I submitted an enquiry regarding my problem and was overjoyed to see their quotes for my Liver Cyst Surgery in Hyderabad India. Then I came and got my Liver Cyst Surgery in Hyderabad India done. The staff of the hospital was really wonderful and took great care of me. The hospital in which I was operated was very classy and the rooms were neat. There were all the amenities available which a person may need at any point of time. After the surgery I am feeling very comfortable and active and my back is also not paining. After my Liver Cyst Surgery in Hyderabad India I went to visit some places like the Govt. Museum and some gardens. The Hindu temples in India which I had visited were very beautiful and were made artistically. I want to thank the god for curing me and I pray to god that nobody has to suffer from this disease.

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