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Economic Gamma Knife surgery for Meningioma Delhi India

Read our Patient Testimonial- A patient from Tanzania share her experience of Gamma Knife Surgery For Meningioma in Delhi, India at the Gamma Knife Hospitals in Delhi with Forerunners Healthcare Group

I am Mrs. Talma Kikwete from Tanzania and I came for my Gamma Knife Surgery for Meningioma in Delhi India through Forerunners Healthcare consultants. In India I got the best of medical services for my surgery. Before the surgery I was suffering from many problems like weakness in my arms and legs and I used to get constant and terrible headaches and many times I felt drowsy and dull. As I was experiencing all of this I went to a local doctor for a check up and was stunned to hear that. I was so afraid to hear that I had brain tumour. Then I wanted to undergo a surgery to cure the disease which I was suffering from.

I started searching for a good medical service provider in my own country but was unable to get one as our country lacks good medical service providers. So I stated searching for good medical service providers in India through the internet and came across Forerunners Healthcare consultants as they were providing the best of medicals facilities in the most affordable cost. Then I enquired about my Gamma Knife Surgery for Meningioma in Delhi India done through them and went to India and got my surgery done. After the surgery I am very comfortable and living my life happily. The hospitals in India were very elegant where I was admitted and it was a great experience being to India. I want to thank the doctor for providing me the best of treatment for my Gamma Knife Surgery for Meningioma in Delhi India.

Special Healthcare Services to Patients for Gamma Knife Surgery in Delhi

  1. World Class Medical Services: Our network of world class facilities includes the gamma knife surgery hospitals in Delhi, India has state of the art infrastructure. We have highly advanced technology and latest equipments and ensure to offer customized services.
  2. Skilled Medical Professionals: Our team of medical professionals such as the best doctors and surgeons for gamma knife surgery in Delhi, are highly qualified, dedicated and committed.
  3. Cost-Effective:We provide cost effective gamma knife surgery in Delhi, India in comparison to that offered by the developed nations such as the UK & the US.
  4. Other Services : We assist with the arrangement of your entire tour including the appointment from the doctors and surgeons for gamma knife surgery in Delhi, quotation for gamma knife surgery in Delhi, hotel accommodation, meals, personal airport pick-up optional sightseeing.

To get your appointment for Gamma Knife Surgery in Delhi at Gamma Knife Hospitals in Delhi, Contact Us.

Why to Plan your Gamma Knife Surgery in Delhi, India?

Planning your Gamma knife surgery in Delhi, India has the following advantages:

Delhi is the capital city of India, and a popular medical tourism destination for millions of foreign visitors throng on a yearly basis. One of the most historic cities of the world, Delhi has many tourist attractions which definitely capture the interest of the inquisitive traveler. There are many world class and reputed hospitals in Delhi, which provide exemplary services in the field of medical care. The presence of international medical institutions and highly qualified and experienced surgeons are the highlights of Delhi medical tourism. A visitor to Delhi will be amazed by the number of sights that the city has to offer since there is an eclectic mix of the old and new worlds. All these reflect in the number of patients travelling for Gamma Knife surgery in Delhi.

At Forerunners Healthcare Consultants, we offer the world class medical services at a price that is comparatively cheaper. Our group ensures that utmost care is taken to maintain the quality of medical care. Further, you need not have to face the long waiting list, as patients seeking their gamma knife surgery in Delhi are given almost immediate treatment. Delhi will definitely leave you feeling happy and rejuvenated with its rich culture and welcoming residents.

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