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Mr. Sylvain, Canada
Laser Spine Surgery

Canadian citizen gets his back problem treatment under Indian Spine Surgeons

back problem treatment,back problem treatment India,Canadian citizen spine treatment Hi. I am Sylvain. I am a Canadian citizen. Recently I got my back problem treatment under the supervision of Indian spine surgeons. I came through Forerunners Healthcare Group. I wanted an affordable solution to my back problem. Since, I am Canadian citizen; my first choice for my back problem treatment was North America. But the cost of medical treatment back home in Canada is too high. Then someone told me about medical tourism in India and affordability of medical treatment in India. So one day while browsing the internet, I came across the website of Forerunners Healthcare Group. I was pleased to read the testimonials of many Canadian citizens on their website. In fact, when I came to India I noticed that there were a lot of Canadian citizens who had come

to India for various medical treatments. I am extremely thankful to Forerunners Healthcare Group for their support and hospitality. The Indian Spine Surgeons who treated me for my back problem were highly experienced and professional. I would also like to mention that the hospital where I got my back problem treatment was fantastic. I was in awe with the medical facilities available there. Even though India is a developing nation, the medical facilities here are certainly at par with the West. I would encourage not only Canadian citizens but people from all over the world to consider India for their medical treatment.

Thank you,

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