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Best Knee Contracture Surgeon Mumbai India

I am Mr. Philorian from Tanzania. I came to India for my son’s Knee Contracture Surgery in India through Forerunners HealthCare consultants. I am very thankful to god to cure my son from such a disorder. My son was not even able to walk properly even after two months from opening date of the plaster. My son met with an accident from his motorbike so I immediately took him to the doctor for bandaging and first aid.

The doctor made a plaster on His leg and asked him to rest for forty five days and do some exercises. Even then my son was not able to recover and walk like a normal person. When I asked the doctor about it the doctor told me that this was the maximum he could do for my son and my son will have to live his life like a handicapped person. But then a few days later a relative came for a visit and told me about this medical tourism company in India. He also told me that he had undergone a surgery through this medical tourism company and was satisfied with the results. Then I also enquired about my son’s Knee Contracture Surgery in India and happy to know their fee and assurance provided by them. My relative also was praising them very much about their staff and their services. Then I came for my son’s Knee Contracture Surgery in India and today I and my son are also very satisfied with the results. In India the doctors told us that the muscle in the knee was contracted. The staff and the doctor was really very helpful through out the process. The staff and the customer relations officer never made me feel lonely as they were always there for me. I want to thank the doctor for providing me such good services for my Knee Contracture Surgery in India and I would always like to recommend any person to get their surgery done through this medical tourism company in India with the best of doctors in the best of hospitals and with the bets of staff.

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