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Bangladesh patient’s low cost breast abscess surgery in India at Delhi

Hello! I am Jiyeon from Bangladesh. I was having my breast abscess surgery in India at Delhi coordinated by forerunners health care consultants. My breasts were filled with puss, and it was painful too. It became hard breast lump which was red. I was very much worried by the condition of my breast. One day my friend came to me she asked me about my breast pain. I told her everything about it. She recommended me to have my surgery from India as she also had successful chin augmentation surgery in India through forerunners health care consultants. Also she told that the cost of breast abscess surgery in India at Delhi is within my means. I contacted to them and send them all my case details. Within a second I got back reply from them. I spoke to the director of the company Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani. He explained me everything about breast abscess surgery and make me sure about recovery. Then I felt the soul in my body. After one day I was in India at Delhi for my breast abscess surgery .

Firstly I went to the hospital and met with the surgeon who was going to handle my breast abscess surgery in India at Delhi. The surgeon told me every this and how about the surgery. The important thing is that the staff there was well understood by English language. After my surgery, it was just like a magic to me. My breast was no more painful and I was really glad by it. I was very much satisfied by the low cost breast abscess surgery in India at Delhi and also by the services provided to me. I am really thankful to forerunners health care consultants for getting me rid of that painful condition which was really unbearable for me. When I was going back to Bangladesh I was very much glad. If I have to recommend any one for their surgery there will be only one name: forerunners health care consultants.

Thank you forerunners for making me well!

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