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Arterial embolization for uterus in India at Delhi

Its Aahrabie talking to you sharing my experience during Arterial embolization for uterus in India at Delhi. I am from Australia. I was having growth of fibroids in the muscular wall of my uterus.My uterus was looking very big, like I am suspecting five months pregnancy and I was also having pain. My friends also asked me so many times about it. It was really were embarrassing condition for me. Then my local surgeon at Australia suggested me to contact with forerunners consultants in India. I contacted to them and submitted necessary details to them. Within a sec I got call from them. It was director of that company Dr.Bojwani. He told me everything about the surgery, its risks and complications, its cost everything. So, I decided to have my surgery from India.

I got everything arranged by the forerunners consultants from visa to hotel booking, selection of hospital everything. The uterine artery embolization in India at Delhi costs very less as compared to Us and UK and it was really economical for me to have this surgery from India. After surgery, my life was totally changed. The pain which was the part of my life was no more with me and I was really happy with its absence.

The uterine artery embolization hospitals in India are having well qualified and well trained surgeons from abroad. I am very much thankful to forerunners health care consultants for providing me timely guidance and care for uterine artery embolization surgery in India. In future if I will have any problem, I will definitely come to India for my surgery through forerunners health care consultants. Thank you forerunners health care consultants!

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