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Mr. Bob Perona, USA
Spine Surgery

American Patient gets Endoscopic Back Surgery in India

endoscopic surgery,endoscopic surgery India,back surgery Hi. This is Bob Perona. I am writing this email to thank Forerunners Healthcare Group for assisting me with my Endoscopic Back Surgery in India. The hospital where I got my Endoscopic Back Surgery in India was marvelous. The standard, speed and delivery of care and service was unprecedented; this was beyond exceptional. The surroundings in the hospital is clean, the atmosphere and ambience of the hospital exudes cutting-edge treatment and care. The ward where I stayed was very comfortable & clean. The food menu had a nice choice. Forerunners Healthcare Group had been extremely accommodating. They planned out everything very well. Everyday someone from their office would call me up to make sure I am alright.

I would highly recommend Forerunners Healthcare Group to all those who are looking for medical treatment overseas. The team of Spine Surgeons who conducted my Endoscopic Back Surgery in India were extremely proficient and professional. The back pain that I was experiencing totally vanished after I got my Endoscopic Back Surgery in India. I truly enjoyed my journey to India. And in future, would definitely like to visit India again. Thank you very much.

Bob Perona

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