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Mr. Gary Buris, United State
Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery

American Citizen gets Spine Surgery in India at Mumbai

spine Mumbai,surgery,surgery India,surgery Mumbai,spine surgeons Hello. My name is Gary Buris. I am from the United States. Recently, I got my Spine Surgery in Mumbai, India. Forerunners Healthcare Group assisted me to get my Spine Surgery in Mumbai, India. I was suffering from spine condition from the last 4 years. My condition kept on deteriorating. The cost of Spine Surgery back home in US is too high. Also, the surgeons were not willing to operate upon me because my condition was too critical. One day I saw an advertisement on television about medical tourism in India. After doing my research, I came to know about Forerunners Healthcare Group. I contacted them on the phone number that was mentioned at their website and immediately got a response from them.

After that we exchanged information through emails and phone calls. Soon they arranged my Spine Surgery in Mumbai, India at a very good hospital. My Spine Surgery in Mumbai, India was performed by a very good surgeon. My surgery was performed successfully and I am feeling fit again. I am amazed by the hospital facility where I got my Spine Surgery in Mumbai, India. The medical staff and my doctor were very friendly and compassionate. I would gladly recommend India to all those who are seeking lost spine surgery.

Thank you,
Mr. Gary Buris

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