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Affordable Spinal Cord Tumour surgery for International Patient Chennai India

I am Mrs. Zaria Simi from Uganda. I came for my most affordable Spinal Cord Tumour Surgery in Chennai India through Forerunners Healthcare consultants and got the best of medical services. It was a great experience of being to India and a very successful trip to India as I am cured from all the problems which I was facing before the surgery I have faced many problems like frightful pain in my back due to which I was not able to stand, sit and even was not able to sleep properly. Most of the times I felt drowsy and many times I felt down due to it. I was also experiencing drowsiness and was not able to concentrate on what ever work I did.

I also had numbness in many parts of my body. But after my Spinal Cord Tumour Surgery in Chennai India all my problems are cured. After the surgery I don’t have any problems and I thank the god for giving me a way to this medical tourism company and helping me curing my problem. The hospital in which I was admitted was very elegant and the staff of the hospital also was very helping and caring. I want to thank the doctor for providing me such good services for my Spinal Cord Tumour Surgery in Chennai India and I would never want any person to face all these problems which I had faced and if they are facing all these problems then this medical tourism is there for them. They should get their surgery done through them in the most affordable cost as I have experienced my Spinal Cord Tumour Surgery in Chennai India through them.

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