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Mastectomy Surgery in India


low cost mastectomy surgery India, benefits mastectomy surgery India, mastectomy surgery India A Mastectomy Surgery is the oldest procedures performed for patients suffering from breast cancer. Before the development of the lumpectomy and Quadrantectomy, a mastectomy was only surgery for this disease. A mastectomy removes the entire breast and may include the removal of skin and muscle. Mastectomy is surgery to remove breast tissue. The breast may be removed because of cancer or fibrocystic disease. The Mastectomy performed in central and eastern Europe at 77%, which is the highest in the world. The USA comes second with 56%, western and northern Europe averages to 46%, southern Europe 42% and Australia and New Zealand 34%. The Mastectomy Surgery is referred to as "local therapies" for breast cancer, targeting the area of the tumor, as opposed to systemic therapies such as chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, or immunotherapy.

What is Mastectomy Surgery?

Mastectomy Surgery is the medical term for the surgical removal of one or both breasts, partially or completely. Mastectomy is usually done to treat breast cancer; in some cases, women and some men believed to be at high risk of breast cancer have the operation prophylactically, that is, to prevent cancer rather than treat it. It is also the medical procedure carried out to remove breast cancer tissue in males. Mastectomy is what is referred to as "local therapy" for breast cancer, targeting the area of the tumor, as opposed to systemic therapies such as chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, or immunotherapy.

Am I the Candidate for Mastectomy Surgery?

Mastectomy Surgery may be the right choice for you if the following is true for you:

How is the Diagnosis for Mastectomy Surgery Performed?

A Mammogram is performed, it is usually ordered to verify the size of the lump the patient has reported. A biopsy of the suspicious lump and/or lymph nodes is usually ordered and sent to the pathology lab before surgery is discussed. A Mastectomy Surgery comes with tests like the preoperative tests as blood work, a chest x ray, and an electrocardiogram. A Breast MRI is also performed which uses a strong magnet to create a detailed image of a part of the body. It does not use x-rays or radiation. Breast MRI may be recommended to aid in the diagnosis of breast cancer in selected situations.

What are the Types of Mastectomy Surgery?

There are a variety of types of mastectomy in use, and the type that a patient decides to undergo (or whether he or she will decide instead to have a lumpectomy) depends on factors such as size, location, and behavior of the tumor (if there is one), whether or not the surgery is prophylactic, and whether or not the patient intends to undergo reconstructive surgery.

What are the Common Procedures of Mastectomy Surgery?

The following are the most common procedures performed under Mastectomy is as below:

What is the Post-operative Care following a Mastectomy Surgery?

Many women experience physical and emotional changes as result of a Mastectomy Surgery. This is the first in a four-part series of articles designed to help women with breast cancer understand common issues faced after treatment. The necessary follow-up care after a mastectomy depends on a woman’s overall health and how much tissue the doctor removed. For example, a woman who has had a radical mastectomy may need more time to recover. It is important to review all follow-up care instructions with your doctors and caregivers. Be sure you understand instructions on the following topics:

How is the Recovery of Mastectomy Surgery?

For obvious reasons, patients should not expect recovery from a Mastectomy Surgery to be a simple process. In fact recovery may take approximately three to six weeks. Some patients experience symptoms such as slight swelling for up to six months after the procedure is performed.

Compression bandages and drains are usually part of the mastectomy recovery process. Compression bandages are routinely applied to mastectomy patients once the procedure is completed. The patient wears these bandages for one to two weeks before switching to compression garments which serve a similar purpose. Additionally, many mastectomy patients have drains inserted to facilitate the removal of fluids around the surgery site. This helps to prevent complications such as swelling, bleeding and bruising.

Patients recovering from a mastectomy procedure will likely be able to return to work after approximately one week assuming the work is not physical in nature. The patient may have limitations on physical activities for approximately the first six weeks after the surgery. After this point most patients are fully recovered, although some patients may experience minor swelling that persists for as long as six months.

During Mastectomy recovery, patients might undergo psychological treatments. It's likely if the patient is having a difficult time dealing with the loss of the breast. This is common as many women find a mastectomy to be traumatic. This is often true for women who have not had a breast reconstruction surgery.

Why Mastectomy Surgery in India?

Of late, Mastectomy Surgery in India has become the most preferred option for women suffering from breast cancer. The Indian healthcare infrastructure has a wide network of world class hospitals, which are recognized at international level and maintain the highest quality of medical services and amenities making India the most preferred medical destination of the world.

The medical team performing the Mastectomy Surgery in India have well-qualified and world class doctors, consulting surgeons, nursing and caring staff which gives the best treatment. Most of the doctors have ample of experience in dealing cases regardless of the complexity both in India and abroad, whereas are qualified abroad from prestigious universities of developed nations in the west.

The hospitals are equipped with state-of-art technologies conforming to the modern medical centres of developed nations like US or UK clubbed with low cost budget. These are available at hospitals in the following cities with latest amenities and state-of-art-facilities.


What is the Cost of Mastectomy Surgery in India?

Mastectomy surgery in India is quite economical as compared to other countries of the world. India provides quality of the medical healthcare facilities at low price which makes India one of the best destinations for mastectomy surgery. One can have a fair idea of having the low cost medical treatments done in India and US.

    Medical   Treatment

                Procedure Cost (US$)

United States


Total Mastectomy



Radical Mastectomy



Skin-Sparing Mastectomy



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