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Mr. Isiaka Taiwo- Nigeria
Cardiac Treatment in India

Cardiac arrhythmia treatment in India the best way to treat your irregular heartbeats to revive your heart's normal rhythm

cardiac arrhythmia treatment story India, cardiac arrhythmia treatment India, cardiac arrhythmia treatment, heart arrhythmia treatment India, heart arrhythmia treatment Cardiac arrhythmia treatment in India is considered to be the best way to treat your irregular heartbeats to revive your heart’s normal rhythm. These medical treatments and surgeries including the Cardiac arrhythmia treatment in India come at a very low cost and of course with quality conforming to the western world. This is the reason behind thousands of foreign patients flock for their medical treatment. We at Forerunners Healthcare group offer number of medical treatments and surgeries with state of art facilities. In doing so we have created a brand of goodwill and professionalism Recently, Mr. Isiaka Taiwo from Nigeria also visited and had his Cardiac arrhythmia treatment in India. He shares his experience with us.

Hi, I am Mr. Isiaka Taiwo from Nigeria. Recently, I had my Cardiac arrhythmia treatment in India. Thanks to the Forerunners Healthcare group, who did a great job in helping me out from my problem. Otherwise, I remember the mess around me, which was quiet inevitable owing to my cardiac disorder. I witnessed a frequent abnormal awareness of heartbeat, which made me quiet uncomfortable, I thus consulted a heart surgeon near my place in Nigeria, he after some tests including the ECG confirmed that I am struggling from Cardiac arrhythmia and that I require Cardiac arrhythmia treatment. Soon I was seen hunting a reliable place to have my treatment. However, my search didn’t land me to any substantial result. I thus decided to search over the internet about having my Cardiac arrhythmia treatment in India and other known countries. After a substantial amount of research and study, I found that among the various country options, India happens to be the right place both in terms of quality and affordability. Now I wanted someone who can help me to out to arrange things for my Cardiac arrhythmia treatment in India. The next moment only, I came in touch with a medical consultant called Forerunners Healthcare Group, who was among the few medical tourism companies who catered good quality service. They had good nexus of hospitals, medical professionals, while the patients going for various medical treatments had good and satisfying stories to share. I found them pretty authentic since, most of the Nigerian patients had good experience, which they disclosed in their testimonials. I discussed about my idea about having my Cardiac arrhythmia treatment in India, my family members and friends liked the idea. I then commenced my communication with the Forerunners Healthcare group. With report share and other relevant details, I got the expert opinion, with lots of positive aspects covered; I made my mind to fly for my Cardiac arrhythmia treatment in India.

Soon I was in Delhi for my Cardiac arrhythmia treatment in India. Met my cardiac surgeon, and soon got rid of my anxiety about having my Cardiac arrhythmia treatment. The surgeon explained me and made me comfortable. I was relaxed after the conversation with the doctor. I was pleased to see the ambient and good infrastructure of hospital. Soon the day embarked when my Cardiac arrhythmia treatment was scheduled. The Cardiac arrhythmia treatment is done with a process called elective Maze surgery. After arriving at the hospital, an intravenous (IV) catheter will be placed in the arm to deliver medications and fluids. General anesthesia is administered to put the patient to sleep. In most cases, a traditional incision is made down the center of the patient's chest, cuts through the breastbone (sternum), and the rib cage is retracted open to expose the heart. The patient is connected to a heart-lung bypass machine, also called a cardiopulmonary bypass pump, which takes over for the heart and lungs during the surgery. The heart-lung machine removes carbon dioxide from the blood and replaces it with oxygen. A tube is inserted into the aorta to carry the oxygenated blood from the bypass machine to the aorta for circulation to the body. The heart-lung machine allows the heart's beating to be stopped so the surgeon can operate on a still heart. When the heart heals, scar tissue forms and the abnormal electrical impulses can no longer travel through the heart. My surgeon was competent, I really had a smooth Cardiac arrhythmia treatment in India, and indeed he was a man with massive experience.

Following my Cardiac arrhythmia treatment in India, I was monitored for a day and was given medication to alleviate the post surgery pain. I was then hospitalized for 6 days following my Cardiac arrhythmia treatment in India. Being there for couple days, I returned to Nigeria, did abided the precautions as suggested by my cardiologist and soon after 5 weeks I turned hale and hearty. At this juncture, let me thank the executives of Forerunner’s healthcare Group and the medical team at the hospital in Delhi. I really owe to these people.

Thank you,
Mr. Isiaka Taiwo

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