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Penile implant surgery in India at Chennai

Hi! It is a testimonial of a patient named David from US who was suffering from penis erectile dysfunction. He had his Penile implant surgery in India at Chennai. Initially he had taken many medications for it but nothing could help him out. He was very much disturbed by this dysfunction. He was in search of something that will help him to get rid of this disease. His colleague working with him suggested him to perform his surgery in India through forerunners health care consultants as he himself had his Pheochromocytoma surgery in India. Also the waiting lines in India were very less as compared to US. Therefore, I decided to fly to India for my further treatment. I contacted to the director of the compamy Dr.Bojwani. I submitted all my case details to him. He guided me very well about my dysfunction and make me sure about recovery.

Within a day I got all my case details through net and also got surgery date. It was just possible due to the hard work of forerunners consultants. I was admitted to one of the renowned Penile implant surgery hospitals in India at Delhi After reaching to the hospital I met with the surgeon who was going to operate me. He told me everything about the surgery, about each risks and complications. He also talked to my wife before selecting the technique for surgery. The hospital where I was admitted was JCI accredited and having the surgeons trained from abroad and having expertise in the regarding field. This make me feel more confident about the success of the surgery. My surgery was a big success. I was very happy and satisfied by the surgery.

My decision of having my Penile implant surgery in India at Chennai was really a right decision. I am glad I had taken that decision on time. My suggestion for everyone who is suffering from such deadly disease is that they should immeadiately rush to India through forerunners health care consultants.

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